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Natalia Moryns


Natalia Moryns


Born and raised on the vibrant South Side of Milwaukee, WI, Natalia is the first generation American and proud of the Latine roots. Her art is a celebration of the beauty and struggles of childhood-branching into the complexities of womanhood. With a fusion of bright colors, a surrealistic atmosphere and women-centered narratives, her work is a much needed portrait of female empowerment.

Artist Statement:
"I strive to inspire young girls by representing the diverse and dynamic perspectives of contemporary femininity. To those close to me, I’m Nati. I am many things and not just a name. As a constantly evolving artist, I am not afraid to embrace the uncertainties of life and allow myself to fail, grow, and find purpose.
My work is grounded in a sex-positive, femme-centric ethos, where I predominantly use acrylic paint to express myself. I experiment with various surfaces, including wood, glass, and linen, to capture the fluidity of my emotions and bring my vision to life".

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