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Latine artists have been contributing to the Milwaukee art scene for a long time, but are usually restricted to their community. The directory is a way of building new bridges and dialogs through the emersion of  these talented individuals.

Smooth white twisted structures, made of clay, attached to a wall with construction metal

Andrea Cabrera Manuel


A hand made Johnson's Baby lotion, over a black background. The shading and sketching are picturesque, but create a realistic portrait

Anisa Pilar

Photography • Jewelry • Acrylic Painter

a Latina lady, wearing a Mexican navy blue vest, looking up, smiling with they eyes closed. The have earrings going up to their shoulder and short deep brown hair.

Araceli Esparza

Poetry • Activism

Portrait of a Latina, terracotta tons, brown skin and brown hair, which is divided in the middle, on top of the portrait, there is a net, half pink and half white, surrounded by graphic motifs. On the top center of the painting, a Mexican flag is placed.

Carolina Romo

Mixed media

a red summer car carrying two immigrants, with security cap. At the car's nose, the Wisconsin state tracing is seen and the plate says: si se puede

Ceci Tejeda


A xylography print of an old lady with a turban. She is starring at the picture, turning right, with the right hand over her mouth, as posing. Her eyes do not have eyeballs and she has lots of wrinkles.

Conhg Lopez

Xylography • Acrylic • Wood carving

Diana Yesenia Perez

2-D visual art (paintings/murals) • Digital painting

the image displays a screenshot of Apple Music playing Dimelo, a single by El Sebas

El Sebas

Culture Organization • Rapper • Musical performer • Recording artist • Community organizer • Event curator • Writer

A screen shot of a short movie by Imanol Ruiz. In the center of the picture you see an older male citizen, sitting at a fancy restaurant table that is ornamented with a white cloth and a red rose on top of it.

Imanol Ruiz


Acrylic painting with a background that resembles Lake Michigan beaches, close up of legs in a deep royal blue pantyhose and blue stripe high heel sandals surrounded by butterflies

Irma Román


A black and white picture of an immigrant middle age man, he carries a coat and his profile is in the center of the picture. He looks happy but tired

Jovanny Hernandez


an indiginous figure made of colorful warm tones of acrylic paint

Lupe 3000

2-D visual art

Aerial picture of a decorated picnic table. The decoration consists in a yellow graffiti style background, overlayed with two seagulls flying

Mi Salgado

2-D visual art (paintings/murals) • Functional art • experimental designs with materials

Acrylic painting on a glass surface. Composed by a brown female individual at the center; black and white hands at the bottom and an unreadable typography at the top of the image

Natalia Moryns


Six figures of brown and black individuals frame the image, that counts with 3 corncobs in the middle, with terra-cotta and green tones as background

Natalia Rosa Rodriguez

Illustration • Digital Illustration • Typography

a dark image of a dark hooded individual, you can't see his face, but he has butterfly wings

Oscar Quinto-Zamudio (Oski)

Multimedia • Art Education

A screen shot of a movie produced by the artist. In it you see a family composed by Latine members at a table eating. The focus is on the hot sauce and all the image is blurred.

Paula Lovo

Film • Video • Creative Writing

Whitney Salgado

2-D visual art (paintings/murals) • Digital painting

a colorful self portrait that displays a big girl, with curly purple hair, covering her eyes with her hands.

Xeroine Illustration

Illustration • Fashion

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