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Diana Yesenia Perez

2-D visual art (paintings/murals) • Digital painting

Diana Yesenia Perez



Yesi Pérez (She/Her/Hers) is a Latine creative. A graduate from Marquette University and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, with a major in political science and a focus in studio art who continues to call Milwaukee her home as a proud Southsider. While she prefers working traditionally through the medium of painting, she also explores working through other traditional mediums and digital illustration.
Her style has been heavily influenced by surrealism, pop art, street art, and all those experiences as a young Latine woman growing up in Milwaukee. Mental health, emotions, nature, identity, growth, life, and death are recurring themes in her pieces. Pérez loves to play with color and is drawn to creating fluid designs that carry heavy symbolism and meaning. Her goal is to make art that fosters reflection and conversation.

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