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Andrea Cabrera Manuel


Andrea Cabrera Manuel



Andrea Cabrera is a Mexican interdisciplinary artist, living and working in Milwaukee, WI. Their creative research is currently focused on how the process of artistic production, such as sculpting with clay and intertwining textiles, can serve as a tool to confront and restore the lack of emotional education as a society, which has prevented us from understanding the intricacies of our relationships, reactions and interactions with our surroundings.
The main themes that their art explores across multiple disciplines include the artistic process as emotional education, the body’s negotiation of space through physical and emotional labor and how these relate to relationships, community, and space making.
“The process and labor involved in textile work and sculpture allow me to analyze and better understand the body, the spaces and territories that I occupy, my emotional responses to everyday life, and my relationships and place in society. Creating objects and art installations becomes then a study on how to occupy and confront space and experiences”, states the artist.

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