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Whitney Salgado

2-D visual art (paintings/murals) • Digital painting

Whitney Salgado



Whitney Salgado moved to Milwaukee over a decade ago and since then they has been a cultural agitator for the Latine scene, with projects like Luna MKE, Loteria MKE, public and personal art, Whitney’s vibrancy and energy have been an addition to the city’s art scene.
Their style has been heavily influenced from Art Nouveau; pop art and those childhood mornings watching anime before school. They also discuss mental health, emotions and identity in their surrealistic portraits. The product is a vibrant explosion of warm colors and fluid shapes that touches us on an intimate and personal level. The artist takes digital painting to another level!

Whitney Salgado is a Latine digital painter and freelance illustrator. A graduate from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a focus on Illustration and a minor in Communication Design, they have called Milwaukee their home for over a decade. While Salgado prefers working digitally, they also often work with acrylic paint, ink and other traditional mediums.

Their style has been heavily influenced by Art Nouveau, pop art, and those childhood mornings watching anime before school. Mental health, emotions, and identity are recurring themes in their surrealistic portraits. Playing with color is one of their favorite ways to pass the time. The fluid shapes you see in their work have different meanings in each piece and they enjoy hearing interpretations of them. Their goal is to make art that is relatable and believes art is a vehicle for community and connection.

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