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Oscar Quinto-Zamudio (Oski)

Multimedia • Art Education

Oscar Quinto-Zamudio (Oski)


Oscar Quinto-Zamudio (Oski), He/Him/His, is a Latinx artist.
Graduate of UW-Milwaukee with a BFA in fine arts and arts education, He continues to apply this knowledge at Walker's Point Center for the Arts as the Director of Arts Education, dedicating himself to introducing various levels of art and knowledge to youth who seek creative and constructive avenues for discussing topics such as identity, culture and our impact on future generations. Oski is a bilingual teacher who has made a significant impact on Walker's Point, particularly with Latinx families.

While primarily working with acrylic and oil paints, he also explores photography and videography, as well as digital illustration. His style has been influenced by the diverse street art he observed while growing up in the heart of the South Side of Milwaukee, while also integrating traditional schools of thought in art learned at UWM. Oski has bridged both traditional and non-traditional aspects of art to create pieces that spark conversations about identity, mental health awareness, nature, borders, migration and the concept of home.

Through his art, his goal is to deconstruct social constructs to which we have been conditioned and discover new ways to perceive the world and appreciate its beauty.

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