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Mi Salgado

2-D visual art (paintings/murals) • Functional art • experimental designs with materials

Mi Salgado

[photo by Tom Hillmeyer]



A self-taught artist, native to the South Side of Milwaukee. Where she began to form her style by combining Milwaukee South Side cultural experiences to Mexican roots. Add that to the flora; fauna, and human spirit inspiration and we have a powerful and unique style: embracing the “messiness” of a creative mind, no material is off limits. “Right now I am an artist working with what is in hand. There is no material that is unnecessary. I appreciate all my latex, acrylic,ink, and spray paints and it's what I'm incorporating into my work this year. My goal is to utilize everything I have”, says the artist.

Mi’s work is important not only for its aesthetic, but also because of the impact it has on other Latino artists that fight to combat the invisibility in the city of Milwaukee. As she adds herself: “Sometimes [it feels] invisible [to be an artist in Milwaukee], but also proud when I am empowered by other Latin@ artists who encourage me through their words. Especially when I hear they feel represented through my pursuit in the arts”.
Mi is part of an important movement of recognition and pride through arts in our city.

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