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Lupe 3000

2-D visual art

Lupe 3000



Sydney Guadalupe Romero is a given name, but the spirit of Sydney's work is more resonantly expressed as “Lupe 3000.”

The artist's journey, which began in the vibrant terrains of Mexico, has meandered through corporate corridors of data and analytics in the Midwest for the last 10 years. While this might be his professional realm, it’s within the canvas that Lupe 3000 truly liberates his energy. Yet, he is not what many would define as an “artist.” Instead, he views his visual craft as an essential release of energy, mirroring the explosive, directed force of Quasar’s jets.

Using acrylic, spray paint, pastel, and poster board marker as materials, Lupe 3000 shares his poetry with the world. And we feel privileged to be able to see his art developing in front of our eyes.

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