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Jovanny Hernandez


Jovanny Hernandez



Son of immigrants and a first-generation American, Jovanny grew up listening to the stories about the beautiful mountains that covered the land, a blue church that is the heart of the village and the history of his family's indigenous roots. His mother would also tell stories of the times she was a child and how much she missed home, but most importantly, how much she missed her parents.

At a young age, Jovanny understood the sacrifice his parents made in order to give him and my siblings a better life. In this sense, he is not only sharing the stories of his family through his art, but the stories of millions of migrants who make the same sacrifice in order to achieve a better life and future for their children. His artwork serves as a celebration of the resiliency, courage, and determination of migrants, the aspects that truly make migration beautiful.

Artist statement:
"From the first steps of my ancestors in the mountains of Oaxaca, to my parent's first steps in the United States, my family represents who I am. My identity is a mixture of three worlds; the ancient, the modern, and the world my parents left behind in Mexico. I am unable to enter each world completely due to physical and emotional barriers. I can only see my family through the cracks of the fence, unable to grasp their hands. They have become like a photographic exposure; overexposed, blurry, and incomplete."

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