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Anisa Pilar

Photography • Jewelry • Acrylic Painter

Anisa  Pilar



Anisa’s work is a journey of self discovery and self love. In this sense, Anisa’s focus on herself when creating, using art as a way of finding herself. Having ancestry as an important aspect of it, Anisa is part of a new generation of Urban indigenous Mexican artists. Mixing bold lines, powerful colors and day-by-day inspirations, Anisa creates a subtle fusion, revealing a new face to America’s new generation.

Artist statement:
“My biggest journey in life when it comes to my work is myself. Loving myself is the longest process yet. But everyday, I find new sides of me. Putting my voice into the world through a physical form is something that I find so important to me. I will continue towards the thing that my ancestors could never do, to show pride and to fully be themselves without being afraid to show who they are and where they come from. I excel and further push the boundaries on what it means to be a Urban Indigenous Mexican Artist”.

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